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BROOKLYN ZU : Where Ya At (extended Version) lyrics

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BROOKLYN ZU lyrics : "Where Ya At (extended Version)"

"This is a mission, not a small time thing" [sample repeats]

[Mobb Deep]

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, word up son, check it out though
YaknowhatI'msayin? Word up son
Listen up son, knowhutI'msayin?

(Watch out for them man) Listen up son, check it out though, yo

Open your eyes get wise and look alive focus your attention

Windows 95 updated high tech lynchin
Crosses of the colored man who claims he hold the keys to the safe
Secrets of the world, blow him in his face

Who's the master of the universe, galaxy and planets
Babylonians ecstatic moon the sinkin of Atlantis
(Be the one soul original black filled with melanin

Goin out like represent Kuwait in 2000)


Never too complex to where it fly
Over the heads of 85, I strive
To stay real and keep hip-hop alive

Revive thoughts collide, you better slide I advise
You keep the eyes on the prize, my metal rips
Militant minded like the prejudice devils I shatter

This march was meant to spark a million diligent hearts
Or e'rylife, we even see alike so play your part

[Lord Jamal]
Knowledge equality, born gods can follow me
As we swarm the yard like bees out in D.C.

The TV'll televise the revolution for sellin lies
Within the constitution, realise the former solution
October 16th, a million black minds comin intertwined on the fact find

Lord Jamal, black Jesus and I stack rhymes
But the black-on-black crime that attack mine

[Chorus: all together]

So where you at y'all?

Right here, hangin with my brothers and we showin no fear
So where you at y'all?
Right here, if you represent then throw your hands in the air

Hear my synopsis, I drop this

Generates thoughts of born-awareness of the here-and-now
Buildin a poem with many spearin out
Society inflaws unjust laws remain the voided common cause

Equality rules you to love that equality
Many's law to trust this
Act of the devil possess the sword of justice

Take the devil's head thru levels nad bad truth can spread to mental dead

[The RZA & Killah Priest]

Imagine us travellin back to Nazareth
Most fabulous
To raise up the black dead slaves like Lazarus

When I catch rays thru the blaze holy essays
No more death days and vexed slaves possessed in caves
Yo it's the last days and times we gots to raise your mind

Brothers walk around dumb different and blind
Pregnant Earths always carry eggs
I pledge to never fall of the ledge

And blacks remain family like Sister Sledge

[Sunz Of Man]

As we struggle in the jungle of sin, my thoughts are militant
Destroyin the ignorance, buildin the innocent
Teachin infants infinite knowledge

That wasn't taught in high schools or college
My representation is with the 30 million man destination
Washington, D.C., war with the masons

The only celebration is Satan's elimination
The past education at the present is relevations
The future's our creation, elevation of the nation


[Brooklyn Zoo]
Yo around Red (16) October

BROOKLYN ZOO attack like cobra
Killin warrior soldiers in D.C., you face Jehovah all over
The darkside, I ride tracks to provide
Elementive intelligence while you fake MC's hide
LEFT RIGHT as I command all my sons cause I'm grand

(Pull his head, snatch land) See if I slide thru the sand
Snakin those who choose to fake moves on Zoo, ya get bruised
(Bring ya crew) Opposin the chosen son of God, you get scarred hard

[Chuck D]

Now, to all my brothers we be rhymin like this
Yeah I can handle, but they can't kill it mill or dismantle it
And we can leave the component alone
Show all my brothers a brother instead of negro
Crackers in the back obscene nahmean?

But I've been knockin em out the box like?
So on the single we be flowin at the lingo
Comin together, not solo like Mandingo

[DA Smart]
Somebody stole me, you took me from Kunta to Toby

And mould me, in a way that you freed me but still hold me
What you tryin to pull? Eatin us like cannibals
Whatever happened to that forty acres and that animal
Now you tryin to use intergration just to fool us
Like Malcolm said we been hoodwinked and bamboozled
Mama cryin, and I ain't lyin
I'm going to Washington for justice, I'm a get it or die tryin

Don't hesitate, he's at the gate
And that's a million black men in one place to set it straight
So black women applaud the black God
I'm DA Smart with the million man march

[Chorus to fade]

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