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BROOKLYN ZU : We Comin' For Ya lyrics

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BROOKLYN ZU lyrics : "We Comin' For Ya"

[sample from "Zu Warriors"]
I first saw the Zu immortals doing an expedition lead by my father
We shared a common dream, to prove that the Legend of Zu was not a myth

But reality

[Intro: Raison the Zoo Keeper]

Ya'll mutha$#&@as still hanging around
Ya'll ^!$$%s ain't lay down, and stay the $#&@ down?
What ya'll thought ya'll wasn't gonna see us?

Ya'll wasn't gonna see the Zu? ^!$$%, we here, ^!$$%!
12 O'Clock, Merdoc, Shorty %#@!stain, Buddha Monk
^!$$%, we here, ^!$$%, ya'll ^!$$%s best to lay the $#&@ down

You heard? What the $#&@ is ya'll thought? Huh
Ya'll don't want me to kill again!

[Chorus: Preacherman]
We're comin' for ya... Zu's comin' for ya
We're comin' for ya... Zu's comin' for ya

[Hook: Preacherman w/ Buddha Monk ad-libs]
When the bullets start flying, people start dying

Cause they're ain't no denying, man
That the Zu ain't playing, do ya dig what I'm saying?
Or the gun will go bang

[Buddha Monk:]
Most of the cats out make me laugh

Got a piece of the corner, and you think you a man?
And I don't care what you got in your hand
When the Zu come through, bet we eat on this land

This chamber clutch bang $#&@s, chain the rust with dirty thoughts
Brooklyn Zu, the new holocaust
I break bones, by breaking bones, take crews in home

And throw your (*##$ a dirty bone


I hung with all of us, we make bread to break it up
Medina warriors, when we came, they buckled up
I'm in to fast cars, Olde English the house vote

Pretty (*##$es that deep throat, and damn a ^!$$% toke
My Zu ^!$$%s really do roll, ya'll ^!$$%s don't know?
Ya'll candy $$# ^!$$%s is casserole

I sent a smoke signal, and my ^!$$%s a large biscuit
Get on some 'go-get-you' and burn you with dirty pistols

[Raison the Zoo Keeper:]
Y'all $#&@as better off dead, $#&@ing living in sin
Slave from a mental death, ya blood I require, (*##$

I'll send you to hell fire, time for you to retire
When I enter, Glory be's my name
It was always so (*##$in' and it will always be

You ain't hear me on that %#@!; a ^!$$% Please?
I'm the father of creation, God of the Universe
I created Adam, and I gave you Eve


[Interlude: Raison the Zoo Keeper]
See I told ya'll mutha$#&@as to lay down, and stay the $#&@ down
See ya'll hard headed $$# ^!$$%s, ya'll some big headed $$# ^!$$%s

Ya'll don't want me to kill again, I'm telling you...

[Shorty %#@!stain:]

Come on, waste it, tuck ya Timex, honey
Got money on my mind, and ain't a damn thing funny, bout ta
Heat up the streets, with this hardcore technique

If you could see how I see, you can peep the recipe
I'm Brooklyn bound, I'm holding it down
Got all my Cuffie's around

Straight from Medina, where ^!$$%s is lost and not found
Step into my zone and you bound to get crowned

[Popa Chief:]
And if you want it, you got it, here it is, both barrels
Kid, why ain't your jaw slapping now, nig?

Teeth to chattering, your knees to knocking
I guess that ^!$$% was doing all the talking
It's the O.B.Z.U. cannibal, don't feed the animals
Lock me up, in a cage like Hannibal
Lectur, Popa Chief, supa Ninja

Security double, can't stop the gate crashers

[12 O'Clock:]
We back again, ripping tracks again
^!$$%s wanna don't y'all relax, my friend

We pack 'em in, hit the stage with a bottle of gin
You front, ^!$$%s, crack your chin
See the Bedstuy dudes laugh at men
Holding that coward $$# pig like forty plus ten
See my whole styles move like wind, watch my brain be the paper

And my thoughts be the pen


[Interlude: Raison the Zoo Keeper]

Yeah, see, ya'll mutha$#&@as ain't believing us
Ya'll ain't see how it was coming
Ya'll ain't know how it was coming
Once you know that you had laid, got laid the $#&@ down
That was it! Know what I'm sayin'
That's how it's going down right now, knowhatimsayin'

Ya'll ^!$$%s don't know, we got to kill again right now
It's the mutha$#&@ing Zu Ninjaz up in here!

See you over there, try'nna hide, ^!$$%
I dip-dip-dive, your inside like a knife, ^!$$%
Should of never left your iron, ^!$$%

Think five times, before you come outside, ^!$$%
And come around these hungry ^!$$%s
Kings in the concrete jungle, eat your tender viddles
Breakfast, lunch and dinner, ya lost in the source
First place! No beginner

[5 Foot Hyper Sniper:]

Desparado, I keep hollows, drink liquor from the bottle
I hang with vato's from Morocco
I hear the word, we hit you up with glocks and calico's
Now your dressed in blood, taco
That's beef, they call Irie little 'ief
Just look at it as, I love to trick or treat
I'm nothing sweet, I'm a beast

I'm cold bananas, here comes the lights, the cameras


[Interlude: Raison the Zoo Keeper]
This is it right here, knowhatimsayin?
Ya'll ^!$$%s don't want me to kill again

The Zoo Keeper letting ya'll mutha$#&@as know
That ya'll ^!$$%s gon' lay the $#&@ down
And stay the $#&@ down, and that's how we gon' do it
That's how that work, you heard? Yea
Cause ya'll ^!$$%s don't want me to kill again


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