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BROOKLYN ZU : Get That Cheese lyrics

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BROOKLYN ZU lyrics : "Get That Cheese"

[Intro: 12 O'Clock]
Yo what's up Zoo Keeper, Shorty %#@!stain, Merdoc
Captain Midnight you know, Yeah Brooklyn Zu/Blues Brothers on this

La the Darkman, What's up Prodigal Sunn, Buddha Monk what's up

[Chorus x2: 12 O'Clock]

Let's get that bread, Let's get that gwap
Let's cash them checks, Let's cop them drops
Look all them diamonds that sit on your watch

And them pretty $$# girls that sit on your yacht

[12 O'Clock:]

You could tell that I'm fly by the name on the pants
I get gwap little homey, I could smoke your advance
Show you what it's like to take a trip to France

And get picked up, Scooped in a Mercedes van
(Rich chick) This Russian chick, She live in Japan
She got a rock on her finger as big as her hand

Throws me the keys to the lamb, Then scram
Now I'm back to the state, Tell em wash your space
Cop a mansion out there like the dude Bill Gates

(That's right) Respect that Brooklyn Zu joint you know
This is Dirt's %#@!, It got to be about cash money now homey
Give me that money, Don't play with me


[Captain Midnight:]
Outta Lucci, Who me, Dude please
I move the blues for the blue cheese

You petty hustlers should honor me
When it comes to work I'm like a good economy
It's Cap and 12 O' Clock

In a drop on the way to the yacht
We bout our paper and gwap
$#&@ what you heard, The hustle game's ruthless

I move the blue magic but call it Frank Lucas
I'm good with weight, I move it state to state
I can't fit my jeans on I'm full my cake

Got the limo outside, It's white and stretched
But I gotta slide, I got a flight to catch



Cheese, Money-Money, The cash I need the loot
So I'm on the stoup got Brooklyn Zu on the roof
The binoculars zoomed, Overlookin my moves

Ready to shoot a cop car in hot pursuit
I buy happiness, Saw a kid with a brand new gun
That's the happiest, I think he's come up for my stacks of Benjamin's

Bottom Up syndicate, Body you dah-din-duh-dins
Gotta kill us we won't tell what the mission is
$#&@ them circumstances, We ain't given up answers

We takin chances, Yellin our anthem
Put em in a sleeping bag 12 and camp em
Grab the bag, Duffle bag by the handle and scramble

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