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BROOKE CANDY : Hoopz lyrics

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BROOKE CANDY lyrics : "Hoopz"

[Hook x2]
Hold up shawty let me put my hoops in,
Put my hoops in, put my hoops in.

[Verse 1]
Hold up shawty, let me put my hoops in,

I'mma get it on the first track cause all I do is win,
I'mma sensation in the city of sin,
New York to the Bay tryna get my dick in.

Uhh, LA is the best hood, poppin' on the poll in my Vivienne Westwood
Uhh, let me roll another blunt, on the hunt, got the Dolce and Gabbana on the cunt
I can drop it on the dick while I got my Louboutins on

8 wine glasses, get more $$#es then the thong song
Uhh, I can roll the #[email protected] right, all night, let me put my hoops in aight?

[Hook x4]

[Verse 2]

Uhh, now it's off to the races,
Steppin out in Gucci, lookin goofy in they faces
(*##$es hella jealous, cause I'm working at the [?]

Make it rain, I need umbrellas, givin' woodies to the fellas
Uhh, dudes be on me, when I strip it off, I'm rippin off the Givenchy
See, that's why they hate on me, Donnatella on a ho, she got her weight on me

Naughty with a body like you never seen
When I'm dashin' in the fashion yeah I'm cashin' in Mcqueens
$#&@ him to the song on loops,

Hold up shawty let me put in my hoops.

[Hook x4]

[Verse 3]
Baddest (*##$, competition I don't see any

Roll another blunt, given mad (*##$es weed envy
Sad (*##$es mad cause I'm flossin in the [?]
Glam, hot damn, tell them cunt (*##$es be friendly

Uhh, you could label me label [email protected]^%,
Ass so fat you can ride me like a stable horse
Getty up, hit me up when you cruisin'

Scoop me up in the coup, keep it cute with my hoops in
Getty up, I rip it up on the runway
Working for the Burqa sunday to next sunday

One day, they gon label me a legend,
Give it up, I live it up in retail heaven
Body, Goddess, Hair, Flawless,

Warrior princess Lucy Lawless
Dudes on this, truth, honest
Wanna hear the scoop, yeah my hoops is the hottest

[Hooke x8]

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