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Brook Benton : Lumberjack lyrics

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Brook Benton lyrics : "Lumberjack"

For my woman
I was a lumberjack
For my woman

I broke my back

I never knew she had her fun

While I worked in the blistering sun
Making great big old trees
Into little bitty ones

Rain or shine, sleet or snow
I couldn't say no

Feeling food, feeling bad
I had to go

Ain't funny what a kiss
And a great big smile can do
When a woman ain't worth

The heel off a good man's shoe

Then came the day

She ran away with her man
While I worked, she stole my pick
This was a fine

I gave my heart and my soul
She left me here to hold

A grieving hand and an aching back
I'm a broken hearted man
Just a weary lumberjack

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