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Brook Benton : For My Baby lyrics

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Brook Benton lyrics : "For My Baby"

When you see me smile
I'm smiling for my baby
When you hear me sigh

I'm sighing for my baby

When I step out

As sharp as a tack
The girls whistle at me
But I don't look back

Cause everything I do
I do it for my baby

And every time I dream
I dream about my baby
And every time I scheme

I'm scheming for my baby

I know my baby

She's never hard to find
Because she's always on my mind
And everything I do, so help me

I do it for my baby

My baby, she's something else

Let me tell you, she's fine
I'm glad I belong to her
And she's mine, all mine

Every vow I make
I make it for my baby

And every dime I take
Oh, I just take em for my baby

Now when you see us
Strolling down the avenue
Just keep your eyes

Off you know who
Cause everything I do
Oh, I do it for my baby

When you see me walking alone
Trying to make it to my baby

When you hear me singing a song
I'm just singing for my baby

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