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BRONYFIED FT. CYRIL THE WOLF : Fight for the Crystal Empire lyrics

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BRONYFIED FT. CYRIL THE WOLF lyrics : "Fight for the Crystal Empire"

Trapped in the frozen wastes
Another evil you must face
The Cyrstalline Kingdom reappeared

He will feast upon all your fears

King Sombra will make everything burn

You must fight to stop his return
The empire of light was sealed away
Corruption and crystal decay

Evil rises from it's arctic prison

To realize it's apocalpytic vision
But with the Elements and Princess Cadance
The Crystal Heart will be charged to save us

He breaks through the barrier
As Her magic grows tired

The Crystal Fair from the start
Is the key to the Crystal Heart

Twilight is trapped by his cage
Countering the magic cast by the mage
Her dragon brings the Crystal our hope

Cadance, a missile, reclaims her throne


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