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BRONY MILITIA : Crystal Funeral lyrics

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BRONY MILITIA lyrics : "Crystal Funeral"

Freezing in the ice
Burns down your paradise
Storm coming you better hide

From the Emperor's eye
Shadows in the sky
Brings forth the kingdom's cry

Turns ponies into slaves
Ice is cracking, world decays

Evil minds of evil kings
Brings ponies to their knees
Blackened crystals, melting heart

Breaking world falls apart
Dying hope for their salvation
Victims of Sombra's Hatred

City burns in obscene fire
Like a crystal funeral pyre

Crystals crashing down
In the ice to drown
Buildings turn to tombs

I've foreseen their doom

King of fear and hate

Sends them to their fate
Princess of the day
Sends him to his grave

Crystal Funeral
Crystal Funeral

Crystal Funeral
Crystal Funeral

And so in the ice
Lies deep the king of vice
Love and light has killed the beast

Sister gods keep the peace
Arctic world fades away
While the earth feels the pain

Distant memories turn to grey
But will Sombra reign again.

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