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BRONY MACH lyrics : "The Story of Octavia"

This is the story of Octavia
The musical mare of Equestria
With a flowing mane as black as night

and a burning fire in her eyes
This is the story of Octavia
Guardian of Equestria

She's the keeper of song and melody
Born from the elements of Harmony

This is the battle of Octavia
against the demons of Equestria
Who sought to block out the light from the sky

and create a darkness that would never die
The mare of music faced her foes
stood her ground and drew her bow

For the light in her soul was shining strong
and she played on her strings the sacred song

With a sudden boom and a burst of light
Octavia drove away the night
and restored balance to Equestria

Thus ends the story of Octavia

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Thanks to test01