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BRONY MACH lyrics : "Queen of Harps feat. Cygne"

Do you know, the music of the divine?
When silence falls, she will create the melody, the song that will summon
the angel of life, the angel of light, and the angel of love

Lyra Heartstrings, the Queen of Harps

She's the angel of cadence, the lady of the lyre

with the power to fulfill the heart's true desire
her hooves gliding up and down
the strings of her harp

For the tormented minds, the sufferings souls
her music will banish the darkness below

and take you to a paradise
far away (far away)

Come, enter the kingdom of Lyra Hearstrings
the gentle mare, sent from the gods to equestria, where her lovesong will

rule over day, rule over night, and for all eternity
behold the the reign of the Queen of Harps

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