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Bronx Casket Co. : Black Valentine lyrics

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Bronx Casket Co. lyrics : "Black Valentine"

Life goes on and on with little things unnoticed
I won't take the time, you won't understand
Love can find a way into the corner room where only few can go and fewer can remain

No need to hide your pain, no need to feel the same
Through darkened skies the sun still seems to know my name

My valentine
Black valentine

One man's piece of gold is another's piece of stone
Half the battle seems to be which road to try
Look into these eyes, they won't betray the feeling she had given me

And I had locked away
Looks like a brand new day, a chance to find my way
Looks like I put her off, my life can't end today

My valentine
Black valentine

Want to believe in you, but you never rescued me
Which door is the truth behind and which is misery

If life was a different game, I could control the day
I could make the clock stand still and keep everyday the same
But when your dream is to fly, life has a different view

You have to believe in me and I in you

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