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BROKEN YOKE : Dream lyrics

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BROKEN YOKE lyrics : "Dream"

Everybody's got a dream
Everybody knows a place inside they long to be
In this place you can be free

In this place, see, you can be just who you want to be
Cause I, I believe it
I, I believe it, I can feel

I'm gonna be someone someday
I'm gonna make it somewhere someway

I'm gonna fly high and touch the heavens
I'm gonna live this dream
Cause this dream's worth living

Those who had what it takes
But never knew where to begin

This world is filled with alibis
Angels who earned their wings
But never could learn how to fly

But I, I believe it
I, I believe it I can feel

Tell me do you have a dream
Tell me is there someone deep inside you long to be
Do you believe that you can fly

Do you believe in all you can be if you try

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