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Broken Melody : Dark and Light lyrics

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Broken Melody lyrics : "Dark and Light"

Seasons of mist and emotionsBlurry visions of the futureWinds of time, caress meUnder the fingers of my handScrolls the verses of my lifeClose yet from the pastLost emotionsFeel the futureLove the sensationA growing lifeSo, hold me tonightMy sweet lady moonlightSo, hold and keep me tightIn these days of dark & lightI put my feet on a snowy pathSo heavy to face and hard to goWithout a trace of what I didDay by day in this stormy worldWhere the good and the bad seems the same thingI build and choose my own faithLost emotionsFeel the futureBurning ambitionsNo one who careDo what you do and choose what you wantMy life Is a strange attractionDark & Light, painful or divineLet your life, choose for your days

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