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BROKEN INFINITY lyrics : "So Much"

So Much

v1.0 The V.I.C.

I feel like, I just don't care.
Like every day of my life is in soul despair.

But how I'll find my grave is still up in the air.
I feel I can't be saved, like there's no repair.
So it's drugs that I crave cuz there's no one there.

So its just another day, from behind this blank stare.
I kno I'm not ok, so hide upstairs.
I don't [email protected]*@n play, I swear I'll die up there.

v1.5 Dekay

when i look at you, i see more
when others look at you, they see a [email protected]^%
they skip the beauty and just focus on the gore

While i walk on water they got tacs on their floors

i explore, you sit face stuck in the corner

ive torn pages out my own, thats where i found disorder
Chapter one, i was born, then 3 im on the border
chapter two my sanity, never found a way to court her


So much love and so much hate
i cant get above it n you cant relate, nah u cant relate

v2.0 The VIC

The smile I portray, keeps u from bein scared.
But I'm really disarray n I'm about to disappear
My minds on the fray, just let me make it clear.

I could die any day, cuz deaths always near.
I think it's just the way, I ain't tryin b weird.
My future ain't clay n it cant be sculpted here.

To ur god I'll never pray n I haven't in years.
So when it's me that gets slayed, I don't wanna see ur tears.

v2.5 Dekay

Dry them eyes, im the one suffering

lookin at my finger, i never want another ring
never want to love again, never want another friend
never want to go to sleep without my family uttering

them last rights, cuz its my last night
too many pills put me to ease in this fight

i tried to stay strong, I tried to hold tight
but when you walk the wire, you fall from great heights


So much love and so much hate
i cant get above it n you cant relate, nah u cant relate

v3.1 Dekay

I'm down that im down and out, down at my paramount

down at my highest point, down like its the only route
go down on these girls so they know that im all about
drowning in a lie, suffocating just to drown em out

3.2 The VIC

I'm find even down when my minds goin up.
I'm just a sik clown that's forever [email protected]*@d up.
from ur lies to now, u didn't make the cut.

Now I'm questioning how, imma lay in a casket shut.

3.3 Dekay

I cant die til i finish this, no slit wrists
stay strong, on some pop eye spinach %#@!
this pain intricit, couldnt understand what im witnessin
when i tell my story, im leavin everyone grimmacin

3.4 The VIC

I make %#@! get gory, I'm mean not so innocent.
This ain't a love story n if it is, I'm not into it.

People just ignore me when im gettin into genius %#@!.
Ain't no one adore V, so it's time for me to finish this.


So much love and so much hate
i cant get above it n you cant relate, nah u cant relate

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