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BROKEN BY THE BURDEN : Unacceptable lyrics

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BROKEN BY THE BURDEN lyrics : "Unacceptable"

When the outcome is unacceptable
Wasted is how your time seems spent
This brings frustration to a newer level

Grinding my teeth I clench my fist
Forces that be turning against me
Because nothing good ever comes easily

You should know this already

Built by design we desire to find

What challenges the mind
In order to define
What it means to be alive

I pray to never say
I've let you get the best of me
I pray to never sway

Or let you stand in my way

So it's best that you look before you leap

Take a second to think before you speak
Abandoned by those closest to me
Left to sink in this uncertainty

So it's best that you watch how your talking to me
Im the beast in the cage your about to release
In these dark days I know it's hard to see

When we are all blinded by technology
And smothering wants of the majority
A divine existence hard to believe

With every perversion happening
Still we must quest for nothing less
Than complete understanding

Of what it is the great scientist
Is demanding
In the simplest silence of your day

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