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BRODHA V lyrics : "On my own"

The first time I ever wrote a rhyme people laughed
My friends called me impetuous and a little brash
Local rockers were dissing cause I was spittin raps

My father said it's a fantasy, it would never last
I couldn't stop, giving up was irrational
Was skipping meals to save up and build a capital

Discriminated by fiends for bein broke
Subject to jokes, I was in need of neat clothes
Life was provocative, opposite of how it is not

For those who contradict to seek solace in God
Like I was targetted, with some chronic hate
Pretended I'm fine, while everybody walked away

My first ever gig and nobody was there to support me
But for my brother Smokey and his homie who barely had known me
I went ahead and eventually ripped the mic

Ended up making a 100 fans in a single night, now

I'm On My Own

And till this day, I never gave up
I'm On My Own

God never makes mistakes, he is only testing you
Just to see how much of courage and confidence rests in you
So I just, strengthen myself and rinse my soul

Hold onto faith, keep my inner senses bold
With suicidal minds lying that dying is right
Uh, I reach for the stars, planets and galaxies

A kid on the road to becoming a masterpiece
But, right when I decide it's high time I drop bombs
They fail to recognize Hip Hop as an art form

They love it when they get to see women displaying chests
But not when I sing about it earning my paychecks
These, two faced people I co exist with

Some with enough hate they even wish death
Who cares, I'm doing movies, and I'm singing for stars
While you jealous, I'm chilling with celebs you worshiped as Gods

Now, Backstabbers return to shake hands
And tell me why they'll love me forever and stay friends
I'm searched for like I'm the one to be seeked

Then I'm showered with hate by every soul that underachieves
The most important lesson I learnt while I was growing
Up, was to trust nobody but myself alone

Burried my ego underground as I aim for the sky
And got my head up high till the day that I die

I'm On My Own
And till this day, I never gave up
I'm On My Own

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