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BRODERICK JONES lyrics : "So Hot"

Verse 1

Im a young kid, swisher with the dank pot

skin burnt red now im picking up a tank top
im spur bred 'bout to hit 'em with a bank shot
50 turned heads now they listen when i bang pop

I kill beats, with nothing but a macbook
filling up the seats when i wreck a $#&@ing fat hook

im so dope, getting studied like a class book
light a gold rope get the honey for the sack, look

I write bars, and battle with an ink pen
sit and sight starts when i travel out to big ben
i fly high, kick up a sick gem

whipping in my ride sitting five, but we fit ten

Im so fresh, i bag another snapback

maine own rep about to add another hat rack
im the big dog, bark and bring the rap back
quicker than a flashback, sink 'em like the nasdaq

I drop bombs, accurately on point
they're hot jawed, but they're rapping with the wrong boy

bring a hot flame to gas, hit the bomb joint
singing to your lame $$#, kill it with the song choice

I draw back, and launch it for the bullseye
get the call back until im rocking with this full time
im 6 foot, white with a good grind

sharpen up a knife cuz im nice when i cook lines

Chorus x2

yeah, Im so damn hot i think the beat about to burn down
im 'bout to drop when i speak another verse now

i light piff, and look at how i turned out
harder than a rock with a thirst for the first down

Verse 2

18, begging for the soundcheck

a great dream cuz the kid is getting found, yes
I'm so sick, i scare 'em when i pound vets
spray the whole clip cuz i don't care who's coming down next

my hot lead is written with a number two
i bought bread so i don't wonder when it's coming through

i bob heads, im coming with a summer groove
making hot heads come together cuz im butter smooth

im from the back woods, im all about the tree
planted on the blackfoot, native how it had to be
the name is Broderick, landed on the faculty

flip the top bar bring it back and call me cracker "T"

im so smart, like who the $#&@ is Einstein

i go hard, im 'bout to prove it to the prime time
i walk a fine line, everything is grind time
shot it with a pull of the finger, apply nine


Grab the gasoline when im walking with a red flame
im blowing up, 'bout to take 'em to the head game
i write schematically better than they claim

when i battle i'd rather be getting past 8 names
they call me Broderick, so thank my mom for that
and me being a prophet, well you can thank the pot for that

it brings the best out, i sink the rest down
rocking with the weight of the planet, the kid is stressed out

Verse 3

Im so dope, what you messing with the kid for?

i throw a rope around your neck and pull a bit more
now thats nasty, pass it out and drink four
grab another tab before i pass out and hit more

they like, damn, a whitty that can spit nice

im like, man, i just light it up and spit right
i live high, like a spider when i grip mics
never put it down i'll take it with me to a fist fight

im so hot, watching everybody meltdown

i roll pot so i feel it, thats a felt sound
i rock one chain thinking that im well found
said i'll knock 'em out, go and ring-a-ding the bell now

the kids hot, ticking like a wrist watch

lift off and twist pot, smoking at the pit stop
spit straight bars, what I'm seeing is a piss pot
(*##$es hate hard, tell me isn't Rick hot?

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