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BROADWAY JADE lyrics : "Answer"

In my mind the memories turn slowly
moments when I thought of you only
Though our time has passed and gone

The world keeps moving on
On Pesterchum we'd chat together
You made a remix that I'll always remember

It seems so distant now
But makes me smile somehow when I see

The little clock that we shared is moving on it's own again
And each strikes independently
And all of the sadness that held me to the bitter end

it fades in the distance, a gentle fleeting memory.

I know that it's strange to look back with such devotion

On something I thought my heart would never mend.
The sight of you typing my name gives me the notion.
That though we're apart we're together till the end

Though nothing is left, nothing kept at the end of the line.
I still am reminded of how this came to be,
We broke all our chains, none remain and slowly over time.

Our love that we found, found it's own way back to me.

I know that it won't cross your mind.

But if we could turn back time
Would everything fall so easily for us so perfectly.

you got another girl long after me
I'm pretty sure her name was Terezi
I bet you're as close as can be.

Like a perfectly matched dream.
Been so long that i can't remember
Like the sun in strong stormy weather.

I feel my heart shining through.
To finally forget about you.

These three years come and go as the lock moves on it's own again.
Though each strikes independently now.
I never will forget every precious little second where we played the game together

Made every single moment count.

You'll live in my heart from that day until forever.

And the hardest choice was the choice that broke m heart.
So keep up the cool that i loved it's for the better
To see you as ironic as before we were apart.

Our story is over, our time somewhere behind us.
I once heard you say "See you later, it's the end."
So long as this feeling never fades between us.

I know that we'll always stay the best of friends.

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