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BRITNEY SPEARS lyrics : "the sin city rap"

I?m Britney Spears and I?m shaking my $$#
I sign a thousand autographs
Please - just get to the point when you talk to me

And if a favor gets involved, just rub my feet
Yea this business is f**ked
And I want some fun

I wanna sit at home and watch Dumb and Dumber
Sike- I take that back, I?m just trickin? you see
Cause when I show my belly everybody copies me

It?s kinda cool, nothin? but guys
But I?m just Britney Spears and I got all this power

But the bottom line is I don?t even use it

Right when you become a (*##$ that?s when you lose it
So what if I do? What if I lose it all today?

I?ve always got my friends to hold me all the way
Happiness is the key, and love when you fall
Like Lauren Hill said you ain?t got that - got nothing at all, y?all

So how you been?
It?s been awhile.
But it feels nice

It really feels nice

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