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Britney Sanders : Overdrive lyrics

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Britney Sanders lyrics : "Overdrive"

OverdriveOutta bed at the crack of noonBlare the music and have a swoonI can't stop thinkin of your faceLa la lee la lee loo laceI'm six feet under Like Pretty In PinkWith my crap new-age LooksDiamonds where there once were starsI'm sittin in Jayne Mansfeild's carYea yea-a I'm independenceYea yea-a I'm borderlineYea yea-a I'm CaliforniaMy minds all screwed and upside downBut my heart's on overdrive (yea my heart's on overdrive)I need to take a shower when I look at youYa sting and hurt like a bad tattooI wish you'd change my point of viewI cruise the canyon to get a breezeWith Hidden Treasures up my sleeveI like the light and hate the heatBut I'll lick the blood right off your streetYea yea-a I'm cherry colaYea yea-a I'm candy-eyedYea yea-a I'm CaliforniaMy mind's all screwed and upside downBut my heart's on over drive They all come here to find a sceneTo end up on Preaching on a TV screenThe dreams that fall beneath my feetMake my footsteps feel so sweetBut your kisses are my fait accomplishYEA YEA- AI'm independenceYea-a I'm borderlineYea-a I'm CaliforniaMy mind's all screwed and upsidedownBut my heart's on overdriveYea my heart's on overdrive

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