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Brighton Ma : Bet You Never Thought lyrics

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Brighton Ma lyrics : "Bet You Never Thought"

You've cut yourself from existence
For the sake of tradition
Just to be alone

But all you found was a frown
And that acting the clown
Can turn your thoughts to stone

So you abandon your dreams
For a city of screams and a necktie
And you sit and you think

Of the tears you would she'd if you let yourself cry
I bet you never thought it would be like this

Yet you're saved by the graves
Of old men whose names play on the juke box
And when you see records turning

Round people and sounds
You want to play your part
So you sing lonesome songs

Of things they're long gone
Your kissing them goodbye

And with your soul 'neath your feet
Your hitting the streets in search of a collective sigh
I'll bet you never thought it would be like this

Yeah we're all just a start
A small part of centuries moving on

So you grab something good
And hold on 'cause the worlds gone wrong
And you can't go back home

Cause your restless and scared with something to prove
That nothing should be left but burial grounds
With nothing to gain and nothing to lose

Bet you never thought it would be like this

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