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BRIGGS : This Is L.a. lyrics

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BRIGGS lyrics : "This Is L.a."

This is L.A.

Our city our home.
Los Angeles,
we never walk alone.

Forever true we'll stay
in tribute to our city,
no matter where we go

this is our home.

On the sunset strip,

the devil's hard at work.
If you wanna play you gotta pay you know
to keep the clubs from going under.

That's the price to grace the floor
as every fool before.

Underneath the haze
in the streets of this maze
all the way from the 10 to the 5 to the 134.

these streets are nothing but a parking lot
but I don't care 'cause I'm not going anywhere.


It's 2AM again, when will I ever learn.

If those warm winds blow me home tonight
I'll have a place to lay my head
I'll leave my troubles at the foot of my bed.

On the west coast shore,
it's been far too long.

So what if I got no money in my pockets.
I'll always stand up strong,
'cause I'm in the city where I belong.

[Chorus x3]

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