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BRIGGS : Rather be Dead lyrics

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BRIGGS lyrics : "Rather be Dead"

[Verse 1 - Briggs]
Stop the press, Briggasaurus is back
They're boring with their stories, I heard 'em and I'm snorin'

Didn't make it to the chorus, they're distortin' the facts
That's my fam, Mr. Officer I swear I'm not consorting
I'm important I'm telling ya, kind of a big deal

Battle scars on my grill, I'm kind of a big Seal
I'm black and that sells
According to that, every recording I'm ordered to get to bridging the gap

$#&@ that, I ain't kickin' the bucket list
Only buck that I give a $#&@ about is my copy gets
Don't give a $#&@ where Kony is

Where there's invisible kids, yeah I'm a miserable prick
But I'm speaking now to each individual kid
Whether you copping the digital or the physical disc

Suckers thinking they can get up in the middle of this
I can't carry on a date, they just takin' the piss

[Hook x2]
So what's that sound!? (*click clack blaow*)
Tell 'em Briggs is back (How you like me now?)

Me fall off? Ha!
Does it even really have to be said?
(I'd rather be dead)

[Verse 2 - Briggs]
I'd rather be dead, ain't never going to sell

I'll make a Blacklist, I'm probably going to hell
I'm rockin' this beat and so it's starting to smell
If you don't know Briggs, get to knowin' him now

High rise to the fellow, rhyme with a bellow
Put $$#es in the seats like diving in the shallows

Driving it disco like you was Carmello
Couldn't hang with the God if you was in the gallows
Marshmallow, soft-serve got nerve

Wanna speak in the drive-thru you just got served
You can polish a turd but who wants that shiny %#@!?
Count on Briggs to tell you what time it is

Def mother$#&@er, natural born thriller, zodiac killer
So tell me what sign you is
Air Briggs, you can fly with this

Then get to punishing whoever with a crime that fits

[Hook x2]

[Bridge x2]
Briggsy, Briggsy, Briggsy, can't you see?

Sometimes your words just hypnotize me
And I just hope this song gets played
On the radio so you get paid

[Verse 3 - Briggs]
I can hit you with real Shepparton %#@!

Your car go, my car -- no, I don't blow my dough
I'll drive my car right home
I'll keep an eye on the city like a cyclone though

I'm not trying to to see the Grim Reaper or grip keeper
Or sleeping under 6 feet of dirt
I'll be in an old folks home, with an old folk bone

Giving an old folk dome before I leave this earth

[Hook x2]

[Outro x2]
Yeahhh, I'd rather be dead

Never will I fall off, rather get the sawn off
Trigger to the finger, pointed straight to the head
I'm getting kinda bored of everything they thought of

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