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Bridget Kelly : In The Morning (Remix) lyrics

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Bridget Kelly lyrics : "In The Morning (Remix)"

I remember we was $#&@ing
I told her that I love her
I woke up in the morning

I told myself I'm bugging
It was shots at patrone, Ciroc that I was on
Had me and that #[email protected] saying things

I know that's wrong
Damn places I don't belong
Michael Jordan faded, she said

When I got them Seven jeans up off her I just ate it
I was wasted

[Verse 2: Bridget Kelly]
Me and my pride
We went out last night

And drank and as if I just heard my last rights
As if tomorrow I was up for execution
16 shots, one in the chamber

And I don't mean fire arms
I mean the kind of drunk that make you do it
Before you know what you doing

I waited till my pride past out in front of me
And then I picked up my phone for some stupidity
The clock on the wall says 6:23 AM

I got a phone call to make
Before my pride is awake

[Hook: Bridget Kelly]
Cause I can only say it when I'm drunk
Normally my pride won't let me

I can only tell him how I really feel
Once I get a few drinks in me
I love him, I love him, I love him

But I can only say it when I'm drunk, drunk
Hey, and I'll deny it in the morning
In the morning, in the morning

I'll deny it in the morning
In the morning, in the morning

[Verse 3: Bridget Kelly]
Damn, my head is banging
What the hell did I do last night?

What the hell did I say last night?
Messages on my phone from him
But most of these are from his girlfriend

Damn, how many times did I call?
I don't remember calling at all
I messed up this time

I think I need a drink
A bottle and half later
I'm feeling a lot better

My pride past out again
Just like that
Where my phone at?


[Bridge: Bridget Kelly]
This might be the liquor talking
But I'm in love with you

I don't care what your girlfriend do


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