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BRIDE ADORNED : From Last Haven lyrics

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BRIDE ADORNED lyrics : "From Last Haven"

Fountain of love will perish by her $$#ail compounding
Where is her redemption
In solitude this sworn oath obliging her with patience

Scorned by plague divine deprived mortified

Look inside your crystal ball can you see me in there

Wandering seeking remedy
Bleeding will not stop until I find what I'm looking for
Under this crimson sky

Incantation fallen misery
Halo of thorns though filled with pride undefiled

Precious filthy honour
Trail torn apart infatuated remorse on placid shores

My legacy it's vanity for me

Staring the sea with longing

Rose withering in twilight
Rapture of vivacious glistening petals glittering with

Gracious sacred virtue
Numb from the incisions

Tranquil dirges so hollow
Scoured with indignity

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