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Brianna : Fight U For Loving Me lyrics

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Brianna lyrics : "Fight U For Loving Me"

We've been up and we've been down
We gotta fight to scream and shout
Can't believe, believe that you're still here

You made me laugh and made you cry
You chose to stay when i chose to bite
I don't know why, i don't know why

Pre Chorus:
I made too many mistakes

Why can't you just hate me
You make me so mad, mad mad

I wanna fight you right now
But i'm gonna kiss you right now

For loving me so much
I wanna fight you, fight you, fight you, fight you
Ohh, but loving me so much

I put you down you don't react
I take you off, you kiss me back

It upsets me that i like how much you care care care care

When i am down you pick me up

When i feel like my life sucks
You remind me that tomorrow is almost here

[Pre Chorus:]

Oh i just wanna fight you
See i just wanna fight you
For loving em so much oh

No i just wanna thank you
i just wanna thank you x 4
for loving me so much x 4


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