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BRIANNA PERRY : Warning (Freestyle) lyrics

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BRIANNA PERRY lyrics : "Warning (Freestyle)"

Nowadays everybody wanna talk

Yawn on me, still the same old breathe
But I've been low key,
hated on by most you ^!$$%s

in the street may find low ^!$$%s, oh please
too trill can make my dough freeze
in the bottom the king just ..

act just like he see me on the TV's
nominated ain't even have the LP
BP I'm way too guess

came in last but I last,
that chick honey ^!$$% bore more bags
that (*##$ you dream ^!$$% wanna back

if you recon that drop we hit
if you hatin on me how you benefit
my reflection, my only..

ever since when you have it minuteless
in the hood like Jordan teneses
4 whips my car immigrants

the shawn who get high in the streets
and take it to the ping gone body to beats
boy immitate like 7 and three

standing at the line like shooting and three
I am the be and I'm coming to stay
I am the idle and I'm coming to sing

I'm too great to be overlooked
breathing noble and I'm always booked,
told trey is good as it looks,

trying to keep a ^!$$%, I ain't even gotta cook,
see body with the ..on the look
but you mind of a gutter 'cause I'm talking bout a book

I got switch lanes and switch looks
it's not my music it's just hooks,
funny what their mimic, I should just .. my image

I should just forget about grandma
stay a flow where is the manner,
kick it in the sky.., never read to come it from the internet

'cause you hoes at home and .. the %#@!
..at home ain't in the %#@!?
I'm spody like hovy,

21 but the money look 40
and I pip like open toes,
at the ones who came before will open doors

will keep my peace in the other line bang bang to the streets
they good with the tank like nurse in the kicks,
feeling myself probably he ain't speak

rule shick, she could spit all the..
..ain't forgot about the P
should win pop and forgot about the streets

they forgot about beratge, but I always peace, hold up.

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