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BRIANNA PERRY : Marilyn Monroe lyrics

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BRIANNA PERRY lyrics : "Marilyn Monroe"

I'm Hollywood,

Don't I look good?
Marilyn Monroe x2
Oh, diva!

Taking pics,
Such a queen, check her bo lipstick
Marilyn Monroe x 2


See, Bree, I'm a doped model

Drop dead, poke bottle
Love pink, real bomb %#@!
Duks all about we allow it, some

sex films, should be on Jimmy Kimble
About my name, prtty simple
In the club, with the dirty boys

Do a suicide
Hey, oh B

I'm a knock out?
Baby on the %#@!, tallest above
..call em show star, bo

Pretty girl rock, call it Carrie Houston x 2
Fondue, we gonna do the heal team
Pretty girl, Bree, (*##$ I'm?


I'm going blond, I think I'm Marilyn
So about that, Marilyn
So about I, Marilyn

Sexy me, from request keep blowing up
Paparazzi snipping while my dress keep blowing up
Uh, shake my ..French mani, pedi


Now I'm twenty, got 'em boys all thirsty!

Where u go? Hold it up!
Is toast to the bread, ..they're going up
He said I'm the greatest of all time

He say I'm the finest of all things!
Got male groupies, he say she all mine
Got male groupies, he say she all mine

This ain't your? that's what I call blind
You're getting more paper than me, that's what I call love!


Money fast, but she shoot the $$# slow

She white girl with the cash flow
She white girl with the cash flow
Better be the best dress when we're getting to the club.

Let shades on my eyes, u can't even see her
Why u see me on your eye pair
Why you're showing on your homies like damn u see her?


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