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Brianna Casteel : Overrated lyrics

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Brianna Casteel lyrics : "Overrated"

Reality is overrated, I'm stuck on the inside
I would rather lie jaded, not get caught up in it's riptide
Lying in the grass; it's a beautiful day

And all of the regret, it seems to go away.


Something about this will make me stronger
And I can't seem to hang on any longer.

Then the world starts falling down, Imagination in my eyes
A forgiving game with no tatics, and I'm gonna win the prize

Then the world sets on fire, as gravity tries to bring me down
My heart races, and the heaviness, it starts to come around.

Then I remember what is happy, and the dream makes me weightless
Stuck in my own world, so I get ready to soar
And the stars start to fall down, this is a fore I can't control

There is no time to comprehend, I dive into my soul.

I have nothing better to do, I just know I'll go up in flames

So I throw out all my problems, all my worries and my pain
And I know...



And I figure this is the solution, not the problem
This is the acception, not the stobern rule

This is the hero, not the unforgiving villin
This is the love, and the perfect crime.

As I'm walking on the bridge, I'm watching the water flowing
Notice that it never stops, just keeps going and going and going
And I relize the world is small, but it will never stop

I feel the foriving breeze, and I start to drop
And water starts to hit my knees, then I realize...





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