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Brian : Sorry lyrics

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Brian lyrics : "Sorry"

I'm sitting here alone right by the telephone
As if it owes me a favor
I'm staring at close doors

Remembering when I was yours
And I could call u my baby
I kno we got off the train

Can we start over again
Cuz I miss u, and I love u
Can't say what I feel inside

Cuz I don't wanna be the one to make u cry so
I'll just let go, but I love u

I'm sorry
For the pain that I've caused u

And I'm sorry
For the times that I've hurt u
And I'm sorry

For the things that I've done
Cuz after all this time I realize that ur still the one
I'm sorry

For the times I was weak
And I'm sorry
I should've known I was naive

And I'm sorry
For tearing us apart
After all this time it's u that still remains in my heart

I'm so sorry plz forgive me

Remembering spooning nights
When u were here by my ride
We always got together

And though the times got hard
We never would be apart
I thought we would last forever

And if the dream comes again
Will we be more than just friends?
Will we reach destination?

So here's what I'm gonna do
I just gotta tell u that I feel for u so
Will u let go, will u love me

(Chorus x2)

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