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Brian McDonnell : Young Hearts lyrics

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Brian McDonnell lyrics : "Young Hearts"

(Verse 1)I just want to rock you all day all nightThey can't really want to fuss and fightYou make me cry I won't you laughThere will be the first it'll be the lastShe like the song Blue Magic and I love itLive to the fullest right above you ain't doubt itNone of these are right and you made it wrongAll of them would really want to move alongI'm young forever i'm only 17Wu Tang Clan would give me some of that creamIt gets busy like B and Jay in the beachGive me some of that grape and give me some of that peach(Chorus)Young hearts be free tonightTime is on your side (4x)(Verse 2)I don't need a scale for the workI got the classic Ram and candy HearseI keep my ladies in my place like Flow-jo112 gets on the track like U Already KnowI ride my '73 Caprice with the faceplatesYou seen the Fire and Rain just like BabyfaceShe speaks body language she speaks JapaneseMary give me dollars yes I said pleaseI got plenty cash and I got plenty doughMy brother was fine they was 44I got my birthday dinner it was so fantasticI got foiled up you made me out of plastic(Chorus)(Verse 3)I Love You Baby like Black Rob saysYou love my team and I really love your fansYou made me feel brand new and old schoolI told the world I was being so coolCatch me in the S Class with the four or five friendsI had investment so you could follow themTonka boots and some fitted capsFrankie Goes to Hollywood tells you to relaxI smack the brick like 'Kon and 'EmBut you the best-est they'll never winBlue and yellow Phantom I call it Sonny With a ChanceI'll never you for giving me a dance(Chorus)

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