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Brian McDonnell : Memories lyrics

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Brian McDonnell lyrics : "Memories"

I like Gina, Pam and Cole
When it's white and turning till it's gold
La la land Chevy call it Demi Lovato

And my heart beats at my stereo
I came get in my penthouse
She come in and I come out

This that old Craig Mack from NY
Don't ask me and hug your other guy
I got black cards in my new wallet

If you trickin' if you really got it
I got my goons and the ladies and the fellas
For that Jay-Z he's a Roc-A-Fella

Those memories and I really want you to know
You want to stay and you want to go

I'll be your angel You be my one and only man
No one else really wants to give me a hand (2x)
(Verse 2)

White Horse Taylor Swift while you riding it
This is my man when you denying it
My car look like old Reese's Piece's

I keep this block and I keep this streets
You sound raspy just like Jadakiss
Take some of me and take some of this

They call me Smurf man and I won't be blue
Kid Cudi said you want some of dat new new
That Soulja Boy really wants a mean mug

I love you my girl and I love you too much
I'm stacking chips when I'm on the new car
Sometimes girl you want to be a star

(Verse 3)
Sonny With a Chance 8 Mile is gone

No strings attached just a cordless phone
Down for me just like Loon and Mario
My baby wants to drink OJ and Cheerios

My prime for that time I'm Teddy Pendergrass
I'm a put it on like Red Cafe says
The verses are really good and makes me bad

I couldn't speak language like my dad
Menace II Society and Purple Rain sequel
It gives me a plus and it gives me a equal

Do away with the OMG's and the LOL's
Like Laffy Taffy smash like D4L

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