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Brian Green : You Send Me lyrics

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Brian Green lyrics : "You Send Me"

There was a time when I used to think past physical acts
I was tired of leaving too many tracks
And noone had my back

Always lookin' on the other hand, 'til the other man
Pointed out another lady who could join the clan
I was kinda hestitant

Because I wasn't sure if "super masculine"
Was the way I was to represent
Cuz I'm like the later feelings could be greater

But on the other hand, the truth could be your own traitor
Was the missile for the summer
I never got the (*##$'s number

Cuz after frontin' for one night, she left me out to wonder
Could this had been a lifetime I just wasted?
The thought was pasted

Above my mind from something that I tasted
Like the honey
It's kinda funny

The sugar's made by the bee, yet the bee could be a dummy
And let the prize slip away after spendin' all his effort to obtain it
Crazy, ain't it?

You send me to the moon
(You send me, you know you send me)

You send me to the moon

I'm takin' love from the bottom of my heart

And wrappin' it well, then watchin' it sail thru the parks
I'm tired of bein' a human being in the dark
Capsizin' like the lonely man's ark

From dip to dip, my eyes fantacize 'bout the thighs
From lip to lip, autumn love fell from my eyes
Thinkin' about the prize I let slip on by

Steadily wringin' out these "why?"s that won't come dry
She's got the style and finesse that's
Far from sleazy, easy casual sex acts

So I addressed that
Some chicks just wanna bring the Wild, Wild West back
Sexually shoot 'em up

But I gotsta boot 'em up
Tryin' to invest that quality time with just any ol' dime
You see it's heavy on the mind

Stress is just a big test of time
How long will it take since we so blind?

You send me to the moon
(You send me, you know you send me)
You send me to the moon

I'm tired of lookin' for love up on a spaceship
It never seems I reach far enough to take it

I feel like my heart is deep as the abyss
But I'm tired of fishin'
And I'm tired of wishin'

Cuz like's like an illusion, so much confusion out here
Cloudin' up my head so that I can't see clear
Steadily drivin' down these roads that my heart can't steer

But the man in the mirror wants to get it in gear
So I take great precaution when I'm out to find a toppin'
The mind against the body is the battle, and she's jockin'

But never stoppin'
Cloud 9 is my arena
And the one who took me there was Jospehina

Have you seen her at the spot tonight?
My heart is lonely and I'm trippin'
The search for her as been a lifelong expedition

Like a mission, but no more fishin'
Cuz for now I'm in the best position

You send me to the moon
(You send me, you know you send me)
You send me to the moon

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