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BRIAN GALLO : The Beginning lyrics

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BRIAN GALLO lyrics : "The Beginning"

Small kid in a big planet ,
thats why you don't take things for granted ,
I'm about to blast off and my feet are planted ,

but I'm thinking bout the past , and how I had fun ,
but now I got to focus and this rap stuff ,
spend a lot of time alone writing raps ,

got a career in the making ,
so imma stay on daily grind ,
I hope you felt the lines I just rhymed ,

give you guys music for free ,
I once played basketball but it wasnt for me ,
I started rapping so haters rest in peace ,

but I'm paving my way ,
so let me go imma flow until I get known ,
but I'm never stopping , I'm an adolescent bro ,

I'm trying to find my way like nemo ,
so imma slaughter you like a shark to a seagul , kid ,
hating on a young rapper what you doing ,

I get criticized enough so who you fooling ,
better than most so I got em drooling ,
studio in my room , I don't go nowhere to rap ,

I just stay where I'm at ,
so soon I'm gonna be headed to the top ,
cause I hear the tick tick from the clock ,

but I ain't rushing nothing , I'm getting a head start
, so when you start from the bottem I'll be closer to the top ,
and every single one of you haters is gonna rot

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