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BRIAN FRESCO : Steamer Feat Chance The Rapper, Kami de Chukwu, Tokyo Shawn & Vic Mensa lyrics

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BRIAN FRESCO lyrics : "Steamer Feat Chance The Rapper, Kami de Chukwu, Tokyo Shawn & Vic Mensa"


[Verse 1: Chance The Rapper]
SAVEMONEY, hot still
Nice car, don't got deal

Don't got bread, just got whip
That hot %#@!, them hot wheels
Hot wire, no license mate

Ridin' round with your license plate
Tan color, that iced cake
Same year as that '98

Same ear that Mike Tyson ate
(*##$ comin', and the steamer gotta stop
Hide and seekin' with the cops, middle finger to the opps

And the Nina in the crotch, in the Beamer hella leanin'
Lickin' whips from ^!$$%s tweakin' and then leave em in the lot
And I hop in the top of the drop top convert, top off, ha

In a four door Volvo screaming "$#&@ you, like , YOLO!"
(Vic: That %#@!'s dangerous, man, $#&@ that %#@!)

[Verse 2: Vic Mensa]
Go ahead ^!$$% hot wire that %#@!
Come and bring it through the hood, stop by in that (*##$

If a ^!$$% wanna go and stop riding that %#@!
Leave it up the block, let the cops find that %#@!
Little SAVEMONEY ^!$$%s not givin' no $#&@s

Where the keys, lil ^!$$%, gone give 'em on up
Ridin' d's, lil ^!$$%, chrome %#@! on that truck
Pretty please, my ^!$$%, for a ^!$$% get stuck

When you...ridin' your steamer, uh
I don't know what you been told
But ain't nothin' better than stacking your cheddar

In a broke down steamer that you done stole
No air conditioning, too damn cold
Go steal that whip and then do that blow

Out here, still tippin', done flew that light
That knife just to fixin' [with Kami] to cuchero

[Verse 3: Kami de Chukwu]
Black mask and that crowbar
That's my whip, not yo car

That's my (*##$, not yo broad
Screaming "$#&@ the opps!", it be no law
Two ^!$$%s in front, five (*##$es in back

Seven ^!$$%s ridin' strapped in that candy Cadillac
Sweet all in my scraper, in that steamer blowing vapor
With a lining and a taper, saving paper, see you later

So it's duck sauce on them pigs ^!$$%!
Tricks out, so pimp ^!$$%!
No room for them simps wit cha

Drop top with them tints dimmer
Rollin' with the famo, it be massa and the Chano
Pumping purple, tucking Camels

Got the money on the panel
Flippin' switchers, switchin' channels
For the high speed chase

But it's power to the hemi when I sip V8
Out chyeah

[Verse 4: Tokyo Shawn]
Ridin' 'round, all up in my scrape, movin' that weight
Tryna see that money I'mma make, m-move the decimal place

If a hater talking %#@!, okay, bang
Like a hurt leg, boy, you don't wanna play
You ain't safe 'round here, don't nobody got a cape

And I'm ridin' round bright and early, ridin' dirty
With that purple on me like a Vikings jersey
Just checked my mirror, [email protected]#$ I'm perty

So I'm all in my steamer like Stanley
Passenger seat, eye candy
Clean face, no acne, never catch me lacking

Got it hidden in the back seat
If you want it, come and get at me

(break in song)

[Verse 5: Brian Fresco]
Peep you, lame-lame $$# ^!$$% with a sweet coupe

Creep through, no mask ^!$$%, better keep cool
Got five seconds 'fore a ^!$$% crease you
Hit a lick, now his whip be the steamer
Low-low to the earth, so the cops can't beam him
Ain't-ain't nobody seen him, in the chop shop schemin'

Hopped out the phone booth, lil ^!$$% hella gleamin'
Rollin' and smokin' and smokin' and rollin'
Got molly for (*##$es who get with the motion
My ^!$$%s be holdin', yo ^!$$%s be foldin'
I'm shooting with range, so hop out that Rover

SAVEMONEY takeover, don't think this %#@! kosher
This handle'll knock you straight out of your loafers
My (*##$, she the coldest, from over the border
We got what you need, just tell me the order
We makin' a quarter, b-(*##$ ^!$$% posted up

S-s-stole yo whip, he boxed it up
Hundred blunts, donuts
^!$$% stole yo whip, did a hundred stunts
Sold yo stereo for a hundred bucks
Want beef? ^!$$% call up a hundred guns
I be chillin', smokin' stank, like a hundred bums

Play rough, ^!$$%, I will let this rumper? hum

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