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BRIAN FRESCO : Cruisin' lyrics

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BRIAN FRESCO lyrics : "Cruisin'"

We stay Cruisin said you kno we stay Cruisin
Got with me cuz them Otha ^!$$%s loosin
Say she goin for the team got her $#&@in with the movement

Made her kiss my pinky ring cuz my pinky ring choosin

Run baby relay do whatever he say

Still a key ^!$$% with that heat like d-wade
Your money's on delay I'm hotter than a heatwave
And she say I do to her what you can never display

A Real ^!$$% talkin fake ^!$$%s can't relate
Told my (*##$ that if she cheat to Neva give a free date
Your block dry my ^!$$%s get more sales than eBay

You ^!$$%s spit crack well me I'm giving ear freebase
Rose gold on my wrist got your (*##$ in a flick
Flick a bic take a trip ciroc on sum diddy %#@!t

Drunk as $#&@ $#&@ is up show me wea them [email protected]%$ is
And sip a cup and open up no point in being sensitive
You with them savemoney ^!$$%s time to get intimate

Got what you need just depending on what your interest is
Them ^!$$%s ain't really bout livin that life but me I'm livin it
Fina spike this sprite smoke blunts all night sippin lean I'm tippin (*##$

Now she saying she can't be with me
Really ain't tryna leave me but a ^!$$% really gotta drop them feelings

Please, I ain't trippin, (*##$ I'm on this mission see
I really just need that pretty pink thing and brain efficiency
What the $#&@ are enemies when a ^!$$% got frenemies

I left them snakes up in that grass while a ^!$$% picked plenty weeds
And yo trees got plenty seeds swear a ^!$$% last of a ceasing breed
Still hella fresh on Easter's eve

Savemoney ^!$$% sippin Easter pink
And I swear soon il get over you

But really after all these (*##$es leave a ^!$$% only think about strokin you
Holding you, and yea a ^!$$% might get mad if another ^!$$%a close to you
But shid ain't that what I'm posed to do? Real ^!$$% %#@! what I'm posed to do?

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