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BRIAN FRESCO : Circumstances lyrics

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BRIAN FRESCO lyrics : "Circumstances"

[Verse 1: Brian Fresco]
Yea ion rap about trap I js trap out tha backpack packed wit louppack saranwrap and a scale to match
A Couple stacks to pay my lawyer

Damn he balling like a Hoya
But Gata have em in ya corner wen you work across tha border
Purple rays keeping me stuck in this daze my cup wit that lavender haze

Problem is ^!$$%s they quest to get laid while ^!$$%s like me Neva rest to get paid sleep wen I'm laid stiff n that tux flowers up with that grave hustle like Jose 4 Js [email protected]*@ wit that money gata meet the K
Pulled the gun and these ^!$$%s still dnt [email protected]*@in feel me
Pull the trigga bet his feelings make him [email protected]*@in fear me

See these rappers like a shark in Atlantic see we
Let em swim but murder dem if he swimming near me
Told dem labels ion need it if it ain't a milli

Savemoney like a new religion n the city
Po ciroc on a (*##$ like I'm Sean diddy[Hook: Brian Fresco/C.Rich]
Circumstances make me who i am

Them Project streets made me who i am
Circumstances make me who i am
Seen Homies Bleed just to eat made me who i am

Circumstances make me who i am
Shottas with me party with passin 3 am
Circumstances make me who i am

Chicago streets made me who i am[Verse 2: Brian Fresco]
I'm kryptonite to these rappers that be thinkin that they superman
Living n that dream swear they live in Martin Luther land

Copped some fans switched up the money
Now my (*##$es always tan with stupid $$# and foreign fam family still that savemoney squadron squad of lyrical criminal problems move through these blocks be slicker than margarine figured that I shuld start creating coffins coughing on tracks n murdering artists glass jaw rappers b comin unguarded and
Neva authentic leave yo teefeses missing and living that life with the dearly departed

I done seen ^!$$%s ball for a year then turn around and do 20
Done witnessed murder brain fragments on my Oshkosh hoody
Only 20 Young ^!$$% old mentality 2 me y u cnt say %#@!t to me ughh

Still gangbanging love my cliq
Only flip packs Never been on that pancake %#@!
They took my ^!$$% reed hope his killa rest in piss

Then lost so many ^!$$%s feelings became numb to dis %#@!t
%#@!t so dnt get smacked I'm on my Mano %#@!t wit extra ammo clips on my commando %#@!t get yo whip flipped (*##$ I'm on my Rambo %#@!t
Codeine prometh wen I sip slow limp for hoes wen I pimp[Hook]

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