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BRIAN FRAZE : No Hate feat' Jocelyn Buchanan lyrics

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BRIAN FRAZE lyrics : "No Hate feat' Jocelyn Buchanan"

Born and raised in the Chi,
Where we always lookin fly,
And our dreams are as big as the scrapers in the sky.

Not everybody makes it,
But everybody try,
And when I see them haters hatin' man it makes me wanna cry.

I ask G-d why,

Why Lord do we hate?

And discriminate?on those who are great?
It makes me irate,
When we $#&@in' with there fate,

We should open up our arms,
Lead'm through that Golden Gate.

But not the bridge man,
I'm from the land of the Fridge man,
Lincoln, Pippen, Jordan?flyin' high,

Drive-bys, Wise-guys,
And there ain't no denies that we are the king of pies?
I'm talkin' deep dish?if ya wish,

We'll serve it up on a platter,
While we climbin' to the top on our Chi-Town latter.

Kids slangin' on the streets and nothin' makes me sadder,
I'm goin' crazy, and maybe I'm mad like hatter.

But don't dip ya head, shed a tear or send pity,
Cuz we all raised tough in the real Gothem City.
This eruption of corruption is movin' us from grace,

Politicians runnin' %#@! like Harvey-2-Face,

Ain't got no?dark knight, black, white, straight or gay,

Cuz when the winter comes,
We'll all be livin' gray.
Rain, sleet or snow, man, we always come to play,

That's why I love my $#&@in' block,
And I'm thankful for each day?hit it.

" We don't need no hate."

C-to the- H-to-the I-C-A-G-O,

I ain't go sound it because you all already know,
We are the second city, but the origin of flow,
N' there ain't no place for haters so them fools just gotta go

You see us chi-town boys gotta different kinda swagger,
We walk a way & talk a way- got moves like Mick Jagger,

Our kicks are always fresh, n'
we sharper than a dagger,
Ya you can hit us hard but we never gonna stagger-- trip up, step back or fall down,

Cuz when we fire back we gonna put ya in the ground,
Line ya up like Scarface-- I'm talkin Al Capone,
N' stay away from Humboldt Park man if you don't rep a crown.

Now that's Brutality, with some Midwest mentality,
Reality, you'll find it all- aboard the "L" ya see,

Speakin' free, with the stranger sittin' next me, text ta read, best believe the ladies go be sext'n me.
Can't ya see? We'll do it all if we try.
If we lend a helping hand we can never be denied,

That's how we all were raised n' that's the life that is the chi,
That's why I love my $#&@in block n ima be here til I die.

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