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BRETANDEVAN : Some Explaining lyrics

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BRETANDEVAN lyrics : "Some Explaining"

I know we've been friends for a long time
But over the last few weeks

Things have gotten a little weird.
I think I got some explaining to do.

When I carve your name into a tree
It's cause you mean so much to me.
As a friend, as a real good friend.

And when I take you for ice cream.
Don't get weird when I say "Let's tag team."
You're worried I'll have more than half.

Seriously I won't.
And when we sit and watch TV
And I try to hold your hand

It's OK you shut me down.
Because it was a joke.
You totally fell for it.

And when I lean in for a kiss
Please just remember this

It's perfectly normal for friends to kiss.
As long as they kiss like this.
It's a friendship kiss.

Like for friends.

Like two little birds, sitting under on a shooting star.

My wish is that we were animals on Noah's arc.
Just us two, Just me and you.
Any species will do.

Unless they're an asexual species.
That would suck.
And when you tell me things are weird,

I think you make it very clear.
We should move in together.
As friends.


Oh and if we lived together

I would bring you strawberries.
While I'm in my underwear that's made with whipping cream.
Only because I like you as a friend

Sometimes when I see dragon flies wrestle
I picture our heads on them.
I wish it was us. Us friends.

Friends. Friends. Friends.
And when you sit me down to talk
And tell me this has got to stop.

I get lost in your eyes.
And it makes me happy that we're friends.
Because we are. We're friends.

My favorite game that we play
Is "You hang up"
"Okay, bye"

"No, you hang up"
"I am. Bye"
"No, you hang up, Hello?"

And every time you change your number.
I know it's time I go under cover.
This time you sure made it tougher.

And changed your name and address too.
But I'll find you.
I always do.

Like two little birds, sitting under on a shooting star.
My wish is that you're the gas and I'm the spark.

I will ignite you.
Yeah that's what I'd do.
Metaphorically. I mean like your skin unburnt.

And when you tell me things are weird,
I think you're making it very clear.
We should have a kid together.

As friends.

You asked out Mitch, and got denied.

You stayed up all night and cried and cried.
I gladly let you stain my sleeve.
It's then I promised I would never leave.

Remember when I said I'd never leave.

Well, I'm still here and you married Mitch.
What the

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