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BRENTAL FLOSS : Cave Story lyrics

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BRENTAL FLOSS lyrics : "Cave Story"

Here we go!
Tell y'all a story 'bout a cave,
Story bout a robot rollin' with a whole lotta bravery

Meets bunny people in the cave,
the Doctor's got a whim to put the people into slavery
Err'body's stuck inside a cave

Can't escape the island, world's smallest violin (skeet-dee-dee)
So much is happening today,
Nobody is smilin', things are getting violent (hee-hee-hee)

Run! Grab a little gun! Level up! Damn it's fun!
Fight a bag (I'ma fight a freakin' bag),
Then brag (I just beat a freakin' bag, hahhh).

Save the Mimiga race, shoot some jerks in the face!
With Curly Brace by your side!
(If she didn't help you out, you woulda died, yo)

Ca-ave story, gra-ave story, sla-ave story, hey I'm talkin' bout a
Ca-ave story, sa-ave story, fa-ave story! Here we go!

Quote's poor brain's an empty page, but he's
Thrashin' every $$#hat in a little Ash hat (Lookalikes)

Flowers make the bunnies rage,
Now they're actin rash like a dirty Jersey trash sack (Snook-a-likes!)

Climb high into the sky, just don't leave with this guy
You will die (least a couple times you die)
But try (try again ya gotta try)

If you're a little sick, you'll find panties and lipstick!
But do it quick, there's no time. (Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up!)

'Cause you gotta go, you gotta go, you gotta go, you gotta go down into the Cave now
You gotta go, you gotta, go you gotta go, you gotta go down into the cave now
Gotta put the doc in his place, hope you saved Curly brace 'cause alone it's a case of the blues, so pack it all tight in your little inventory, get ready for the glory of CAVE STORY!

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