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BRENT BROWN : Polar Bear (Best Polar Bear song ever) lyrics

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BRENT BROWN lyrics : "Polar Bear (Best Polar Bear song ever)"

Polar bear, why do u have so much hair?
Maybe we could shave you.
Then it wouldn't be so warm down there.

If I were you,
I would jump into the ocean blue.
Cause there's probably not much else to do.

And ya can't even sing your song.

So I'll take a trip down south.

Or east or north or west, where ever your about.
Polar bear do not pout.
Immuna feed you some sour crout.

Its like the dog effect,
Doesn't taste as good to me.

But you probably love it I bet.
Cause your all about the food.
Yea polar bear, I would be too if I was you.

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