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BRENT BROWN : Christmas Gnome Song lyrics

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BRENT BROWN lyrics : "Christmas Gnome Song"

i dont get santa claus at all.
Did coca cola make him up,
while slightly trippin balls.

If that's the case, then I think I'll make my own.
It'd make more sense if santa claus was a gnome.

Am I aloud to write this song,
will people some how take me wrong.
While saving puppies from the streets tonight.

All I want is some dowop doowop sheewoo's.
Have the Christmas gnome bring me all my presents.

and a brand new pair of shoes,
so I can walk to coca cola's door.
tell them to use real sugar,

instead of gue from corn.

I'm singing merry,

Merry Christmas.
Put my song, on your play list.

So I can increase selling all my brothers warehouse of gnomes.
Pretty pink one's with Christmas hats and recordable microphones.
I don't have a brother but you're probably thinking so.

I'm done writing lyrics to a Christmas song that blows.

Yes I'm done writing lyrics to a christmas song that blowssss!

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