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BRENT AND JOHNSON : Equality Street lyrics

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BRENT AND JOHNSON lyrics : "Equality Street"

Let me take you down Equality Street
You never know the people you meet
At the end of the street is a golden gate

Let in love, don't let in hate no

Walk with me down Equality Street

Do on to others and life is sweet
Books have no covers, just look right in
You're judged by your words, not the colour of your skin

dayo dayo dayo me say dayo

Biddly Biddly Biddly Biddly Biddly Biddly bong yooooo

Yeah I'm like John Lenon

Except I do imagine there's a heaven
Someone, everybody's welcome
All my multi cultral brevrin

Today love's the word
Even for people from Louxembourg
Or maybe there's some other countries that you might ignore

Tonga, never heard of it in my life before
But if I met a guy from Tonga I would stop him to speak
In fluent Tonganese on Equality Street

Yeah acceptance see that Kenyan guy with mental eyes
He might be totally normal, you can't genralize
Black people aren't crazy, fat people aren't lazy

And dwarves aren't babies
You can't just pick them up they got rights
And anyway don't asume you could, they're not light

I learnt the hard way,dont give a damn if youre russian or youre spanish youre comrades compardray
You could be the half gay woman with a dark face
one leg no legs, as long as you got a heart

transgender gay, straight, lesbians whatever, whoever
Hey mate let's be friends and just friends
You wanted to be, well you're properly free

Obviously, yes Equality Street believe
You know the deal
Everything is real fair

Take a ride on my equal opportunity wheelchair

Come with me to Equality Street

You never know the people you meet
At the end of the street it's a golden gate
And let in love, don't let in hate no

Equality Street
Equality Street

Equality Street
biddly biddly biddly biddly bong Sweet

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