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BRENDON WALMSLEY : Still falling lyrics

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BRENDON WALMSLEY lyrics : "Still falling"

Remember when it started could our hearts beat any
Excited by the height from which we fell

Floating like a feather where the when became whenever
We made those moments matter for ourselves
And I wonder if some day this dream will end

'Cause I keep waking up to live it all again

I'm still falling in love with you
Still dancing on air
And I don't care what comes my way

So long as you are there
I'm still falling still falling
Still falling in love with you

All this time together never thought it could get

Then you take me places that I haven't been
When the world is rearranging you stay the same, you're

so amazing
You don't have to change a single thing
And I wonder if we'll ever lose that shine

'Cause it's all so clear when your hand touches mine


You know what I'm thinking, you know what to say

To make all my wishes come true
You stopped me from sinking, you lifted me way up
high...so I'm...

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