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BRENDON WALMSLEY : Count me in lyrics

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BRENDON WALMSLEY lyrics : "Count me in"

Count me in I'm ready
I know this train is heading
To a better place a way up in the sky

All aboard for glory
Hallelujah home on high

Lost alone and looking for the answers
I was too afraid to find

Leave it all for later was the way I travelled
Down this railway line
I saw the light at the end of the tunnel

Made me change my mind
Took the invitation not to miss the destination
I won't be left behind


Down the mountain through the shady valley
When the worries of the world are over

I'll be on the other side
I caught sight of the city in the distance
Shining brighter than the sun

So don't wait any longer for the land they call up
There's room for everyone


There's not a lot of time my friend
If you listen can you hear the whistle blow?
Believing buys your ticket so stick with it 'til the

Final call - we're all set to go


All aboard for glory
Hallelujah home on high

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