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BRENDON BARCLAY : One in the Same lyrics

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BRENDON BARCLAY lyrics : "One in the Same"

One in the Same
Verse #1
Where to begin, When do we start,

How about when we fell apart,
When do we stop and, where do we go,
When loving each other is all that we know..

It's so damn hard to let go of you,
But holding on as only been killing me too...

We watch it all go as we crash and burn,
We learn to let go as we live and learn

about the wonders that caused us to feel this pain.
We'll treasure the moments we've kept inside,
All those perfect life moments just frozen in time

Yeah we're both to blame, maybe love is just a winless game,
Baby we're one in the same.

Verse #2
How do we find, What we're looking for,
When every time, We end up at the door,

When do we follow, and when do we stay,
When do we find the right words to say..
We both know goodbye is all we can do,

I just don't get why when I'm so in love with you...



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