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BREIS : Strictly lyrics

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BREIS lyrics : "Strictly"

See how the Breis flows to tha
Beats that go through a Yoruba native son
Speak my mother tongue plus in a native tongue

Over the sekere, loop or my native drum
The oral lore passed down from an ancient one
So move your body whether small pikin or eighty one

Defending it, even after the plaintiff's done
One of the nicest MCs, I'm a blatant one
Afro beats and Afri -- lyrics is your acquisition

Of Afro vision on admission had to add the mission
Respect tradition and I love my culture, love my heritage
But every where I turn, (it's) depicted as negative

I never give into the media's selective sedative
This one's for you if you're a fan, friend or relative
Imperative you come nearer, my mission's clearer

Cos your mind is like skin and I'm like aloe vera


Strictly for my people
Strictly, Strictly for my people
Strictly for my people yeah

This is Strictly for my people
Strictly, Strictly for my people
Strictly for my people yeah

Your unremitting resistance against my existence
Induces my persistence, insistence for instance

I make my words go the distance
From man on road to impressionable infants
And use the beat for $$#istance

My identity and me in co-existence
The sun shines and winds rush together
Hope they get along, can't always blame snow for rainy weather

Strictly for my people feeling cold in town
That hold a frown, but really they just hold it down
For heroes we never see but ubiquitous

Ridiculous, how they remain inconspicuous
I write tunes for mums who lost sons to knife wounds
And when the night wounds daughter's of life's womb

Home or away tryna make ends meet
This is strictly for my, strictly for my, strictly for my peeps

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