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BREEZY : TurnUp Killas lyrics

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BREEZY lyrics : "TurnUp Killas"

hallow tips

come and suck this dick
goin in
to $#&@in raw

t raw
come suck my big balls
ima skinny ^!$$% tated right

perfect teeth perfect bite
g thang get it right get it tight
(*##$ $$# ^!$$%s always in my sights

get the $#&@ out my way
cuz its breezy comin through
ridin on the highway , windows down choppas out

best believe they gone spray
aimin down the sights no way im gonna sway
to much damn swag that i got on deck

my pants on sag while my dick is all wet
yo girl down ta $#&@ thats a mutha $#&@in bet
homie im so high , jet life is the set

to much money
ima call it mula

your $$# looks funny
call it ranchet hula
beat so hard

yo (*##$ gonea ride it
smokin killa bars all the hatas gonna choke it
windows up

light it up
codeine cups what is up
always turned up

D V wassup
d v o d till i die raise yo cups

i got
to much money in the fargo bank
the pigs came up and uh put a restraint

$#&@ the 5-0 tupac once sang
thug life on my stomach
smoke risin to my bangs

freestylin to straight , killin every bass
while these other rappas on a different rank
im headin to my 10th pretige you get it mane

tell me i just didnt killed it while these hatas gone

headin to the top
g thang mane
bang bang bang

d v gang

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