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Breaking Wheel : One For The Road lyrics

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Breaking Wheel lyrics : "One For The Road"

She cries out one time at the dead of night!
She cries out again at the break of dawn!
One for the road, so I know I'm alive!

She plants the seed, the one that shatters my mind!

Seven-thousand lovers on the brain,

One hungry demon that'll catch your eye!
Forbidden fruit; an exotic strain,
Help me forget my rotten core!

Hot breath burnin down my neck,
Lightning bolt shootin up my spine
Red in her hair like she's on fire,

Red in her eyes when she takes me down!

The one with skill is the one I got to keep!

The one that kills and brings a man to his knees!
Heart of a wolf, with the will of a Queen!
Takes what she wants, I get what I need!

Can't keep my head from spinning,
Her will is my command.

Wrapped up around her fingers,
Devil woman I call my own!
One last time, so mean it for real,

One last time then cut me loose!
Time has come for my last meal,
Devil woman, I'm on my own!

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