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Breaking Dawn : BLUSHING lyrics

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Breaking Dawn lyrics : "BLUSHING"

I am

I am

I am

blushing in the corner from that boy


And she dont know my name ye but he will

ooh oh oh

And I was hopin we could hang out and just chill

And all them boys should...

Watch out

Cause I got dibbs on you boy

And I aint just a doll toy

Your my baby yah

yah yah

And you were lookin just like elvis yes you were

And I know you think that baby cause im sure

And you were looking just so fine you were dress to


You were also lookin fine you you gave me the chills

ooh oh ah oh oh

And I was blushin in that corner from you boy

And I didnt know your name yet but I was bound to

And at the time I was hopin we could hang out like we were ment to

Blushin... over you

over you

over you

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